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In the wake of brutal murder of George Floyd in the hands of four Minneapolis police men the Black and Brown communities grieve and demand swift justice for all members of the Black communities who have been the target of police brutality

Raleigh comes together in solidarity with a peaceful non-violent protest to have our voices heard in response to the ongoing police excessive force and police militarization in the US and demand immediate criminal law reform. 

While police in this country are sworn to “protect and serve,” they instead kill, terrorize, and prey on Black and working-class communities of color. Across the country, we see incidents of police violence daily. In North Carolina, this trend is no different. It has only been three months since Raleigh Police killed Keith Collins, as the Raleigh PD continuously forces the Raleigh community to suffer endlessly the deaths and brutalizations of Black people. Akiel Denkins. Kyron Hinton. Braily Andres Batista Concepcion. Joshua Satterwhite. Kyle Garcia. Soheil Mojarrad. And so many more. 

In the wake of the slew of murders of Black people by police in Louisville, Minneapolis, and Tallahassee just this month, we stand in solidarity with organizers, protesters, families and communities demanding accountability and justice. 

Our Demands

As a North Carolina community, we know that police have never carried out their duty to keep everyone safe. In fact, they bring more violence and fear to our communities by arresting, beating, and ultimately murdering us. Under the leadership of PACT, we demand the following: 

  1. We demand the removal of Chief Deck-Brown if the policies below are not immediately implemented. 
  2. We demand subpoena power to the proposed oversight board to strengthen their ability to effectively review and investigate grievances through a RPD policy change.
  3. We demand that no NEW police stations are built in heavily Black areas and that the multiple stations close to each other in heavily Black neighborhoods are transferred, reducing the over-policing of Black Raleigh communities. 
  4. We demand a policy requiring officers to intervene when a fellow cop becomes abusive to a detainee. 
  5. We demand an investment in community-led health and safety strategies instead of investing in police.
  6. Mary Ann Baldwin makes a choice: Continue to line her pockets or work for the people first. We demand that she resign from her role with Barnhill Construction, a developer, that incentivizes putting property over Black lives.
  7. A democracy reform package that includes a strong conflict of interest policy and livable full-time salaries for City Councilors and Mayor so working class people can hold elected office.

We need your help in making sure Raleigh City Council hears our demands and takes actions. Sign the petition below to show your support for comprehensive police reform in Raleigh. 

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302 Lawrence D. Aug 25, 2021
301 Lucas S. Aug 04, 2021
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Raleigh PACT 

Recidivism Reduction Educational Program Services (RREPS) 

Emancipate NC

Advance Carolina

Young Americans Protest 

Orchid Bloom

Carolina Peace Center 

NC Town Hall  

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Black Voters Matter 


Save Our Sons 

Human Shields 

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